Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
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    Popular messaging platform Telegram has been in the works to come up with a couple of features such as widgets, QR code support for group chats, and options to report content. Currently, the new features are in the beta phase and will soon be ready to use for all its users.

    Spotted by TestingCatalog, Telegram’s beta version 7.5 comes with new features which include adding support for QR codes that can be used to invite people to group chats and channels as well. The messaging app is also testing a way to limit group chat invite links. Admins will have the option to allow people to use a link for a specific time period or till the group member limit is reached. 

    Meanwhile, another feature in testing is for group chat admins to set a custom timer for messages to auto-delete.

    Further, Telegram is also adding options for users to report content involving spam, violence, child abuse, pornography, or “other” on the app. Multiple posts can be reported at once on Telegram.

    On this beta update, new widgets will also be there which includes two sizes where the smaller one is a 2×2 widget, and the bigger one is 5×2. The smaller widget shows up to four thumbnails with unread messages, and the bigger one shows previews of your chats and channels. Telegram could also allow support for selected members to chat and comment in channels.

    Telegram for Windows 10 update brings a new privacy feature


    As its competitors face growing data privacy concerns, Telegram for Windows has received an update that includes new privacy features that provide better control over your data.

    With your data being the digital currency of our times, WhatsApp faced criticism after announcing that data sharing would deliver tailored advertisements via Facebook. This has led to a mass exodus of users from WhatsApp to other privacy-centric messaging apps such as Telegram and Signal.

    As part of the latest update, Telegram is introducing a new feature that now allows you to delete groups you created and call history for all sides without leaving a trace.

    On mobile devices, you can also delete a secret group for both sides. Since the Telegram servers don’t store your deleted chats, call history or groups, the data will disappear completely once you’ve clicked on the delete button.

    Last year, Telegram was updated with support for group calls and the company is now adding a new feature that will improve the voice chat experience. This update introduces a new feature that will allow you to adjust the volume for individual participants of a voice chat.

    While in an active voice chat, you can now click on the top menu and adjust the volume  (microphone levels) of individual participants. Administrators can change the microphone levels for everyone.


    Last but not the least, you can now also report fake groups or channels impersonating famous people or organizations. To do this, you need to open their Profile and click on the Report button.

    Telegram reporting

    This new update for the Telegram desktop is still rolling out and it will become available for download via the Microsoft Store soon. You can update the app by checking for updates in the Microsoft Store or you can also directly visit the Store product page to get the update.

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