Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
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    How To Use an Instagram Business Account in Facebook Business Manager

    Latest update on March 25, 2021 at 10:26 AM by Elisa Fierro .

    Managing a small or large business can see significant improvements when involving social media. It turns out to be very productive and could potentially generate a wider reach to customers. Adding an Instagram business account to Facebook Business Manager can be simple by linking ad accounts that are integrated into the ad manager, it can easily implement brand awareness and increase potential sales. If you want to know how to link your social media marketing accounts, find out our how-to tips in this article.What Is Facebook Business Social Media Manager and How Does It Work?

    The Facebook Business tool allows you to organize and manage your business settings on social media. To use it, there are a few rules:

    Be aware that your personal business account profile, which should already be created, will be blocked from the general public view unless you accept friend requests. This way people will only have access to your name, business email, official pages, and associated ad accounts. You must then have a Facebook Business profile to create an account as a Business Manager.

    To securely log into Business Manager preferably use the login of your Facebook Business account. It is also worth remembering that to confirm your identity, you must have a personal Facebook account. Finally, be aware that you, as a Facebook user to request access, and, can only create two Business Manager accounts.Create a Business Manager Account

    Step by Step: Go to the Facebook Business page > Create an account and enter the business name, your name or pseudonym, and professional email address > Next. Fill out the form with your company information > Submit.Advantages of Linking Instagram and Facebook Ads To the Business Manager

    Associating ads from the two social networks to Facebook’s Business manager offers several advantages to the advertiser. The first of them, without a doubt, is brand recognition, but also the increase in information traffic – greater audience reach, more video and photo views, and greater user engagement with the brand and catalog sales.What Are the Prerequisites for Linking Accounts

    First, you must have a username and password for the account you own, and in order for it to be used in one Business Manager, you must be the administrator of the account in order to connect your business with your Instagram Business Accounts.

    Secondly, if the Instagram account is already added to a Facebook page, you must at the same time link the Facebook page and the Instagram Business Account to a single Business Manager. The rule is that everything must be linked in the same manager.How To Add an Instagram Account To Business Manager

    If everything is in order and the above requirements have been met, you can now add Instagram to Business Manager.

    Go to Business Manager > Settings > Accounts > Instagram Accounts > + Add.

    At this point, enter your Instagram username and password > Next. Finally, click add accounts and the pages you want to add > Next.

    We suggest taking care to store your login data in a safe place to prevent any problems with recovering your account. This is because technical support is not always quick to help you identify the account.

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