Fri. Nov 26th, 2021
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    KARCO course frame

    By The Maritime Executive 04-09-2021 09:23:29

    Seably introduces KARCO and its pioneering 3D Animated Online Marine Courses the global online marketplace for bespoke maritime training is expanding its library of online maritime training courses through a new global partnership with KARCO, the India based innovative and leading of 3D animated online marine courses.

    KARCO is an acknowledged pioneer in 3D animated safety and operation videos and provide creative training solutions for the marine industry. This partnership will add over 50 online courses based on animated safety videos to the content already available as part of a Seably subscription package. This dynamic element also introduces another aspect of effective e-learning available for seafarers on the Seably platform. Seably was created by seafarers for seafarers. It is the first maritime digital marketplace that brings together specialised content, leading technology and teaching skills from seafarers, educationalists, industry specialists, insurers, surveyors and a whole range of other related service providers.

    KARCO started developing their use of animation for the maritime industry in 2007, when they created the first fully 3D animated marine safety video. Part of the KARCO Group of Companies in India, they have built a unique development tool for communicating training concepts to seafarers globally.

    3D animation brings images to life using a digital three-dimensional display of images which add a realistic, and at the same time engaging and immersive experience. In training, it is considered a powerful learning tool, as it can help all learners to easily conquer new and complex knowledge. The vivid and attractive representations bring to life personal marine casualty incidents which cannot be captured by live video. At the same time, the easy-to-follow graphics facilitate a clear and detailed understanding of hazardous situations which also eliminate the challenges typically brought about by different languages and cultures.

    KARCO 3D animated courses cover quality safety training and certification in topics such as pilot ladder and static electricity on tankers, and will be available for Seably subscribers from April 2021 onwards.

    Capt. Tim Fenech, Head of Course Development at Seably said, “The use of creative e-learning tools such as 3D animation place us firmly at the forefront of maritime training globally.  The Seably marketplace already provides free and affordable access to the latest training on a high-tech medium providing leading, real-life learning that can be carried out at any place. This is another unique opportunity for ship owners to ensure their crew are equipped and trained to handle real-life working situations, coping with environments that are hazardous in the open sea, but safely handled within an enhanced training experience that can be easily offered virtually, anywhere.”

    Capt. Praveshchand Diwan, Director at KARCO confirmed the importance of this partnership, saying, “We are delighted to have our content on the Seably platform. At KARCO, we provide training that appeals to the current generation of seafarers as it projects a fresh perspective which aids the learning process. This is a concept that we pioneered more than a decade ago and is still effective and sought after today by seafarers and shipping companies globally.”

    The KARCO 3D animated courses demonstrates Seably’s commitment to bringing affordable online and virtual training to anyone connected with this vital global sector.  Andrea Lodolo, CEO of Swedish-owned Seably marketplace said, “With KARCO on board as a content provider, this is another key waypoint for Seably. KARCO are well-known for their quality, detailed 3D animations which can clarify tricky concepts or complex processes. This enriches the effective and immersive e-learning which we are delivering to the maritime industry through our marketplace. They are also crucial elements in learning and help us maintain the high level of specialised knowledge required at sea to ensure safety and minimise risks.”

    The products and services herein described in this press release are not endorsed by The Maritime Executive.

    Studio Ponoc Launches Animator Training Program to Focus on Feature-Length Films

    Program aims to address chronic shortage of skilled creators in the industry

    Studio Ponoc opened applications for its animator training program on Thursday. Titled Ponoc’s “Principles of Animation” Program (P.P.A.P.), the program aims to train young animators to work on feature-length animated films.

    No academic record or experience is required. People of any nationality are welcome to apply as long as they can communicate in Japanese. Those who are accepted into the year-long program will be taught animation fundamentals with the aim of working as a top-class animator. They will also be given a guaranteed contract of employment with a remuneration of 224,000 yen (approximately US$2,026) per month. After the training period ends, there is also a system in place to hire animators as full-time employees.

    According to Ponoc, a chronic issue facing the current animation industry is the shortage of creators. Although Japanese hand-drawn animation draws attention from the entire world, the amount of skilled creators cannot keep up with the number of animated works. If the industry takes too long to cultivate talent, then it will cause problems with capital, time, and training. Raising skilled creators is necessary for the industry as a whole. Ponoc’s own solution to this problem was to start its own training program.

    Alongside the P.P.A.P., Ponoc is also hiring graduating students of 2022 as full-time employees in production assistant and in-between animation roles.

    For more information on recruitment and how to apply, check Ponoc’s website.

    Yoshiaki Nishimura (The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, When Marnie Was There) founded Studio Ponoc in 2015, and the studio also employs other former Studio Ghibli animators. Studio Ponoc’s anime films include Mary and The Witch’s Flower and Modest Heroes.

    In 2019, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) commissioned Studio Ponoc to produce an anime short inspired by Olympic values. Nishimura told the website Cartoon Brew in an interview that the IOC initially approached Studio Ponoc to produce a feature-length anime. The IOC proposed the production around the time that Studio Ponoc was working on Modest Heroes (seen right). However, Nishimura said that he did not believe his studio’s animators had the particular skills required for a feature-length film about sports. The IOC then proposed a short, which the studio agreed to produce.

    The short was scheduled to debut in the lead-up to the 2020 Summer Olympics, although the Games were delayed due to concerns around the new coronavirus (COVID-19) disease.

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