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    Are you ready for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3? It feels like we’ve known about the biggest change to the battle royale game for some time now. The leaks have all but confirmed there will be a new Warzone map, but there’s plenty of other things to look forward to.

    Every season new weapons and maps are introduced to Cold War, and most of those weapons end up making their way to Warzone at some point in time. One of the biggest changes to both games in Season 2 came in the form of new weapons: the FARA 83, LC-10, and ZRG 20mm. These guns didn’t make a huge splash in Warzone, but they’ve been used a lot in Cold War’s multiplayer modes.

    Zombies is also set to receive new content this season, most likely in the form of a new Outbreak map which could take the zombie fight over to Berlin. It’s important to remember that all of the leaked content for Season 3 is unlikely to launch at the same time. The devs usually like to space out their content drops over the course of a season. Here’s everything we know about Cold War and Warzone Season 3.CALL OF DUTY COLD WAR SEASON 3 RELEASE DATE

    Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone Season 3 will start on April 22. There’s always the slim chance the season’s release date could be pushed back unexpectedly. The last delay occurred during the Cold War integration which added over 50 weapons to the game. The new Warzone map was rumoured to launch at the beginning of Season 2 but ended up needing more time – we doubt the same thing happens again for Season 3.

    The Vodiano boat crashes into Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk


    The latest leaks have revealed the new map coming to Warzone is actually an ‘80s version of Verdansk. We’ve known for some time now that the developers want to synchronise the timelines between the Cold War campaign, zombies, and Warzone. It looks like the impending Nuke event is going to send Verdansk back in time, finally bringing the battle royale mode in line with the other modes.


    “Enter Big Bird” ✅”Enter Police Car” ✅”Enter Box Truck” ✅”Drive Medical Transport”✅”Enter Pickup Truck”✅”Enter Van”✅”Enter Personel Transport”✅

    These COULD be coming with the new map!

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    — Zesty (@ZestyCODLeaks) April 7, 2021

    New vehicles will be joining the ‘80s version of Verdansk, according to reputable Call of Duty leaker, ZestyCODLeaks. We fully expect these vehicles to be reskinned versions of the vehicles that are already in modern Verdansk.CALL OF DUTY WARZONE SEASON 3 NEW MODE

    The Season 2 Reloaded update revealed there may be a new mode heading to Warzone, named Payload. If Warzone’s Payload works similarly to other FPS games, this mode typically brings together two teams to push the opposing side back into their base. Given the size of Verdansk, we can expect the team sizes to feature a minimum of 50 players, if not more.

    Kapano Naga Vang holding a playing card while a tree burns next to him


    Also coming from ZestyCODLeaks are the new weapons we can expect to see throughout Season 3: ‘Fast Burst’ (assault rifle), Ballistic Knife (melee), and ‘Spray’ (SMG). There isn’t much information to go off with these vague codenames, though we can make some guesses as to which gun could be joining the game.

    The developers like to reintroduce weapons that have already been in a Call of Duty game, so we can make some guesses for the assault rifle and SMG. If we try to pick guns from around the Cold War era, the ‘Spray’ could actually be the MAT-49 from the original Black Ops.


    An upcoming mode for Warzone, codenamed ‘Payload’, has added Loot Scripts in the Season 2 Reloaded update.

    It’ll be 2 massive teams, fighting to push each other back into their zone.

    It’ll also feature vehicle variants like the MG Cargo Truck!


    — Zesty (@ZestyCODLeaks) April 9, 2021

    It’s always difficult to tell which guns will be picked for the new season considering there are still some we thought were arriving back in Season 2. The Sykov pistol is a great example of a weapon everyone was certain would be added to the game, only for it to disappear almost instantly. Some players were able to access the Sykov by using exploits, though these bugs have since been removed.

    And that’s everything we know about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 3. If you haven’t dropped into Verdansk for a long time, or you want to try out some meta loadouts, give our best Warzone loadout drop guide a read. Likewise, the meta seems to shift every few weeks, so it’s worth keeping an eye out on what the best Warzone guns are to make sure you have every advantage possible.

    It looks like the FR 5.56 is set to become the new meta weapon in Warzone after popular Call of Duty YouTuber JGOD released an in-depth video on the weapon.

    On April 12, JGOD (who has over 850,000 subscribers) uploaded a video titled “Single Fire FR 5.56 TTK is Insane in Warzone” and the internet lost its mind.

    In case you haven’t watched JGOD’s new video, we’ve put the link in above. But if you’re just searching for the specific loadout that will become the new meta, we’ve got it right here in this article.What Is The FR 5.56?

    The FR 5.56 might be better known by classic Call of Duty players as the FAMAS.

    The weapon was originally introduced way back in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and has reappeared in most Call of Duty titles since.

    In Modern Warfare, the 2019 version, the FR 5.56 has a standard 30 round magazine and can be used as a three round burst or semi-auto fire weapon. The FR 5.56 is unlocked at level 16 in Modern Warfare, but is actually included in one of the default classes to be used immediately.

    The weapon will kill in 3 shots anywhere to the body within 30 meters for a 1-burst kill. After 30 meters, the weapon will need at least 4 shots to kill an enemy, meaning 2 bursts are required if in three-round burst mode.

    However, getting 1 bullet to the head lowers the gun to a 2 shot kill if it’s within 30 meters. Anything further than 30 meters with 1 headshot means it will be a 3 shot kill.

    These statistics only apply to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019).JGOD Single Fire FR 5.56 Loadout

    So how does the classic weapon hold up in Warzone? Well, JGOD seems to think it will become the new meta when used as a single fire weapon instead of three-round burst.

    Below, you will find the attachments needed to re-create JGOD’s FR 5.56 Loadout in Warzone.BARREL: FR 24.4″ SniperAMMUNITION: 50 Round MagsUNDERBARREL: Commando ForegripMUZZLE: CompensatorOPTIC: VLK 3.0x Optic

    JGOD did point out that things like the optic are personal preference, but we decided to use the VLK 3.0x and found it to work very well.Cold War & Warzone Season 2 Reloaded

    Season 2 kicked off on February 25 in Cold War and Warzone, but that wasn’t enough for players. Now, Treyarch is back with a bang as Season 2 Reloaded is officially here for Cold War and Warzone.

    Three brand new weapons have been added to the game, a new zombies experience, brand new multiplayer maps, and so much more. You can check out everything about the mid-season update at the link below.

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    Call of Duty: Warzone players are encountering bugged windows that stop bullets and explosives.

    Just below, you can see a Reddit post from the Call of Duty: Warzone community that  suggests windows aren’t working as intended. Whereas you should normally be able to shoot through both an intact and shattered window anywhere around the Warzone map, this player showcases that a window actually stops bullets dead.This is just getting embarrassing… that isn’t my teammate, you just can’t shoot out of windows now from r/CODWarzone

    It’s quite the perplexing bug,. In another gameplay clip seen just below, a Warzone player attempts to throw a C4 explosive through a shattered window, only to find that the broken window stops the explosive device in mid-air, with it then exploding in the face of the player that threw it in the first place. That must be one hell of an infuriating way to go out.You can’t throw C4 through smashed windows anymore #FixWZ from r/CODWarzone

    Note that this bug isn’t dominating all windows across the Verdansk map. As you can see in the gameplay clip just above, the player is actually hit by enemy bullets flying through the shattered window, proving that the first clip above is an isolated incident, and not something that’s affecting every window in Verdansk.

    It’s fair to say that Warzone players have encountered their fare share of bugs and glitches over the last few months. From the stim glitch rearing its head for well over the fifth time, to helicopters turning players invisible and having to be removed from the game entirely, it’s been a slightly turbulent time for the Warzone player base of late.

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    Duos are a slow boring resurgence mode let’s hope they don’t come back 😅 #warzone #warzonegameplay #warzoneyoutube

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