Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
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    Woman living in tiny apartment shares how to make your home look bigger with DIY hacks

    Chelsey Brown, 27, rents a 520-square-foot studio in New York City and loves to share ideas to help people who want to maximise their living space. She also wrote a book and launched a blogChelsey Brown rents a small apartment in NYC (

    Image: citychicdecor/Instagram)

    A woman who lives in a small studio flat has shared some tips to make your home look bigger thanks to ingenious DIY hacks.

    Chelsey Brown, rents the 520-square-foot property in New York City and loves to share ideas to help people who want to maximise their living space.

    The 27-year-old, who works as an interior decorator, buys second-hand furniture and uses DIY decor which makes her home look bigger than it actually is.

    Ms Brown – author of ” Rental Style ” and founder of the blog City Chic Decor – also invests in tall mirrors and moves around furniture to make space around the house.Chelsey says placing a couch in the centre of the room can make the space look bigger (


    One of her recent DIY hacks was placing an oversized gold mirror against the wall in the entrance with a $5 (£3.50) LED strip that changes colours behind it.

    She also uses the mirrors to hide large items such as large artwork or bags.

    Among her favourite upgrades are the sconces on either side of her bed, she explained in a blog post.The interior designer says mirrors help open up the space (


    Ms Brown told the Insider she decided to get into the design industry as she felt like there was not enough information around on how to decorate interiors, in particular when it comes to rented homes.

    She said: “It was bizarre to me that there was little-to-no content on decorating rental spaces when I lived in a city where practically everyone was a renter.”

    When she moved into her flat, which costs $3,000 (£2,115) per month, she used a teal-coloured wallpaper to decorate the inside of her front door which can be removed easily and does not damage the original door.She has used a peel-and-stick wallpaper to decorate her entrance door (


    She also transformed her kitchen by using marble-printed contact paper.

    Giving advice to anyone who might be looking for ideas to maximise their space in a small flat, Ms Brown recommends floating your sofa rather than leaning it up against the wall.

    This, she says, can make the space “feel less like a studio and more like a larger home”.

    Chelsey also added some wooden panels behind her TV that give the space more character.

    To separate her bedroom area from the rest of the apartment, Ms Brown used a room divider.

    She also used more peel-and-stick wallpaper and set up a gallery wall with her favourite paintings which make the space seem like a separate room.

    She told her 52,000 followers on Instagram : “One of the coolest DIYs I’ve done is hang artwork on the ceiling.

    “This was honestly just a test to see if I could successfully do it (remember, not all DIYs work out!), and now that I know I can, my next apartment will probably look like Versailles.

    “This is a great hack if you have shorter ceilings, as the artwork draws the eye-line upwards and created the illusion of a larger space.”

    To follow Chelsey Brown’s hacks, have a look at her Instagram profile.

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