Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
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    The 10 best DC animated films

    From left: All-Star Superman (Screenshot), Justice League: The New Frontier (Screenshot), and Batman: Year One (Screenshot)

    The release of the Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max spurred renewed discussion of Zach Snyder’s vision for the DC Extended Universe, the answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that kicked off with his 2013 film Man Of Steel. But while it’s unlikely that Snyder will ever fulfill his dream of making the child of Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane into the new Batman, DC Comics fans can actually find a host of films that are just as weird and dark on the same streaming service.

    Since 2007, Warner Bros. has been releasing a steady stream of direct-to-video animated films based on DC Comics. Some take place in a shared universe based on The New 52 comics relaunch that kicked off in 2011, while others are adaptations of popular arcs from years past. Unlike previous releases such as Batman: Mask Of the Phantasm, these films don’t directly tie into any DC animated TV shows. They’re mostly rated PG-13, which lets them delve into decidedly more violent and mature stories.

    As of the release of Justice Society: World War II on April 27, there are 41 DC Universe Animated Original Movies, and the vast majority are available to watch on HBO Max. The average quality is surprisingly high, so the odds are you can find a good entry point by picking your favorite superhero or comic event. But if you want a more curated dive into the wild world of DC animation, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 films to watch.

    ‘Shrek’ Fan Spots Heartbreaking Detail in Animated Movie

    Stock image of the characters Shrek and Fiona at the "Shrek 2" Los Angeles Premiere. A film fan has shared an X-rated detail in Shrek she never noticed before.

    © Getty Images/Chris Polk/FilmMagic Stock image of the characters Shrek and Fiona at the “Shrek 2” Los Angeles Premiere. A film fan has shared an X-rated detail in Shrek she never noticed before.

    A Shrek fan has taken to Twitter to unveil the dark story behind the three bears in the first film.

    The animated movie, which was released in 2001, is known for its fairy-tale plot and funny dialogue.

    The movie about a loveable ogre stars Mike Myers as the protagonist, who teams up with a hyper-active Donkey played by Eddie Murphy.

    However, one aspect of the plot that you most likely missed is the horrific fate of one of the bears in the film.

    Posting to Twitter on July 1, an account by the name of @SanadeSweet shared footage of a man watching the film with the caption: “The way my mouth dropped… what !?!?!!”

    The camera is focused on a scene where the three bears are all being held in cages and the man’s voice can be heard saying: “Alright, we’re watching Shrek. We’ve got the three bears: Daddy Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear.

    “Baby Bear is crying because the cage is too small. Mama Bear got the pink bow, remember that. Mama Bear got the pink bow, remember that pink bow.”

    After showing this scene the man fast-forwards to when the Papa Bear and Baby Bear have been freed and are sitting together.

    The man then says: “Now we’ve got two bears. Papa Bear and Baby Bear… but no Mama Bear.

    He asks: “They are free but Baby Bear is still crying and Papa Bear still looks sad, but why?”

    The man then cuts to a scene in Lord Farquaad’s room, with the camera panning across the floor until it stops at a rug that has Mama Bear’s head, pink bow still intact.

    The man exclaims: “Bruh… bruh… bruh!”

    This revelation of Mama Bear’s untimely fate has caused a stir online, having already been seen by 4.3 million people.

    Many rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on this hidden secret.

    One Twitter user, Fayathé, wrote: “I’ve always wondered why they put dark s**t like this in movies that’s supposed to be for kids… something so sinister about that to me.”

    Another person, Mac Kahey, replied to this by saying: “It’s a family movie, not just a kid film.

    “So they always sprinkle in some dark obscure adult humor that usually flies over kids heads. Rewatch Madagascar, the s**t is FILLED with it.”

    Simra commented: “You’re telling me I used to watch this and have a grand old time? Childhood was DARK.”

    Netflix’s Animated ‘My Little Pony’ Movie Gets A Title And A Release Date; Voice Cast Revealed- Update

    UPDATED: Netflix said Wednesday that My Little Pony: A New Generation will debut on the streamer on September 24, 2021, the same date it had been planned to premiere when the eOne animated pic was set up at Paramount. Netflix acquired global rights in February when the pandemic was wrecking havoc with movie theaters.

    The voice cast includes Vanessa Hudgens (Sunny), Kimiko Glenn (Izzy), James Marsden (Hitch), Sofia Carson (Pipp) and Liza Koshy (Zipp) along with Ken Jeong, Elizabeth Perkins, Jane Krakowski, Phil LaMarr and Michael McKean.

    The plot centers on what happens when Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi are no longer friends on Equestria and live separated by species. But idealistic Earth Pony Sunny teams with Unicorn Izzy team to travel to faraway lands to find a way to bring enchantment and unity back to their world.

    Robert Cullen and José L. Ucha direct the film, and Mark Fattibene is co-director. The story was created by Cullen & Ucha, and Tim Sullivan. Sullivan and Gillian Berrow penned the script. Cecil Kramer and Peter Lewis produce.

    PREVIOUSLY, February 12 AM: The next My Little Pony movie has just been picked up by Netflix in a global rights deal excluding China.

    Paramount was set to release the movie on September 24.

    The pic is from eOne’s animation outfit Boulder Media, directed and by Rob Cullen and Jose Ucha, with co-director Mark Fattibene. Cecil Kramer and Peter Lewis produced.

    A streaming date is planned for later this year.

    The last My Little Pony: The Movie in 2017, released via 2017, earned $21.9M domestic and $60.3M WW.

    The My Little Pony toy franchise was first launched in 1981, with the brand reportedly grossing over $1 billion annually in retail sails by 2014. 

    Variety first had the news about My Little Pony. 

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