Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
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    New Captivating Biography Highlights the Incredible Life of Entrepreneurial Genius Major James Lide Coker and His Relationship with God

    RALEIGH, N.C., July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Major James Lide Coker was a gutsy, high character, 19th century leader from Hartsville, South Carolina. In this new biography, “God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker,” Dr. Will Joslin, the Major’s great grandson, gives readers a transparent look into the life of South Carolina’s greatest citizen. The author reveals how this humble man emerged from death’s door in the Civil War to become incredibly successful as a Christian entrepreneur, public servant and as a leader in social progress.

    The author walks readers through the Major’s courageous, inspiring life. Because of prolonged agony when his femur was shattered in the war, the Major fully identified with the harshest realities of the human condition. After his release from Union prison, he returned home to the decimated Pee Dee region, whose people had lost countless fathers and sons in the conflict. Then at the worst time, Sherman’s army burnt and pillaged their farms and homes, pushing them to the very brink. The Major’s faith and heart propelled him to respond. Ignited with a burning call to uplift the people of his region, he founded 21 companies, creating gainful employment when it was needed most. With his Coker Pedigreed Seed Company, he almost doubled agricultural production for rural farmers, enabling them to move well beyond subsistence. Most importantly, this man, who never lost his simple faith, brought transcendent hope, faithfully teaching Sunday School for 38 years.

    Dr. Joslin said” “Throughout my life, I had a burning curiosity to investigate these fascinating family roots and a consuming desire to rise up and become a faithful conduit of Major Coker’s legacy. A vivid dream in 2018 ignited these impressions in a flash that burned its imprint on my brain, and I knew I had to write this book.” The book is also immensely practical. The author itemizes and illustrates the Major’s winning attributes for our benefit, and includes quotes from Linkin Park, U2, The Rolling Stones, Lord of the Rings and The Wall Street Journal, which bring home the relevance of his life for today’s culture.

    The author adds, “Major Coker had a stunning combination of gifts: the scientific savvy of George Washington Carver, the practical genius of Thomas Edison, the courage of Sir Winston Churchill and the tender heart of a teachable Sunday School boy. His story encourages us to examine our own faith, and challenges us, in turn, to live purposeful and honorable lives. Though we are separated by time, his life mentors me every day.”

    “God, Guts, and Gallantry: The Faith, Courage, and Accomplishments of Major James Lide Coker”By Dr. Will JoslinISBN: 978-1-9736-9765-7 (softcover); 978-1-9736-9767-1 (hardcover); 978-1-9736-9766-4 (eBook)Available at WestBow Press and Amazon

    About the authorAfter a dramatic conversion from hedonism to Christianity in college, Dr. Will Joslin chose full-time ministry over law school. After 17 years in ministry, he spent 24 years in business, mainly running his own IT company, Joslin Computer Solutions, Inc. Aside from his preaching ministry, Dr. Joslin has taught leadership, led men’s groups, and coached basketball and golf. He is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, has a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and has earned an online Doctor of Sacred Literature (D. S. Lit.) from Wycliffe Theological Seminary. Dr. Joslin and his lifelong wife Becky have three grown children. He enjoys golf, swimming, and sailing and the Joslins reside in Raleigh, NC.

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    Victoria Wood’s biography and a new Jonathan Coe novel: our pick of the latest paperbacks

    Mr Wilder and Me by Jonathan CoeRotter’s Club author Jonathan Coe’s latest novel follows a young Anglo-Greek woman, Calista Frangopoulou, who becomes the confidante of the legendary Hollywood director Billy Wilder (Sunset Boulevard, Some Like it Hot). Her story starts in 1976, when a trip around America culminates in a meeting with Wilder and his writing partner, Izzy Diamond, in a Hollywood bistro. Along the way we get first love, film gossip and film theory galore. This is an “effortlessly pleasurable and deceptively simple” novel, according to Dominic Maxwell in The Times.Penguin, 256pp; £8.99

    The Appeal by Janice HalletThis daring crime thriller debut follows a murder in the sleepy village of Lower Lockwood, where the gossipy, not always

    Biography launch controversy: Rajasthan Guv expresses ‘deep displeasure,’ seeks legal action

    Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra on Monday expressed “deep displeasure” over the controversy surrounding the launch of his biography ‘Nimitt Maatra Hoon Main’. He also instructed his secretary to seek an explanation from the persons concerned and take legal action.

    This comes a day after the Raj Bhawan distanced itself from the matter and said, “This is primarily personal information between the publisher IIME, the research institute, and the buyer. The publisher had published the book and sought permission to release it in the Raj Bhawan, which was granted. The Raj Bhawan has no role, no affiliation of any sort in the business activities of marketing the book”.

    The Sunday Express had reported that the vice-chancellors of 27 state universities who attended the book launch on Saturday were given 19 copies of the book and a bill of Rs 68,383 along with a free copy.

    After the launch of the biography of Mishra on his 80th birthday on July 1, vice-chancellors of all 27 state universities in Rajasthan had a meeting with him and then proceeded to their official vehicles. Waiting for each of them in their vehicles were two cartons of books, with a bill of Rs 68,383 for 19 copies of the Governor’s biography in hardcover coffee table format, while one additional copy of the biography was for free.

    The bills to the V-Cs gave the bank account details of the International Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (IIME), Jaipur, implying that it be paid for the copies. The co-author with the Governor’s OSD of the biography is Dr D K Taknet, who has been associated with the IIME since long. The “lead researcher” on the book is Taknet’s wife Sujata Taknet, who is also associated with the IIME.

    Meanwhile, Raj Bhawan officials said that the Raj Bhawan was “merely” a venue and that the invitations to dignitaries, such as Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and others, were sent by the IIME.

    A vice-chancellor said, “Then how did the books enter Raj Bhawan and later in every vehicle of a V-C?” The V-C said if, without the knowledge of Raj Bhawan, “cartons of a book can enter into the vehicles of V-Cs, then the security of Raj Bhawan and V-Cs was greatly compromised.”

    Following the controversy, Congress chief whip Mahesh Joshi had said, “The Governor’s is a constitutional post and commands immense respect. I don’t know why this controversy came about, but if there is a controversy, then I believe the Governor will clear the air”.

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