Thu. Nov 25th, 2021
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    Top 10 Animal Organizations to Support: Animal Rescues Around the World

    “The more animals we get spayed and neutered, the more the population is in check ,” he said. “People just kind of take on more than they can chew at times. They have good intentions on going into ownership of animals and sometimes it gets out of hand and we’re left to select up strays on the road .”

    animal rescue
    animal rescue


    John Berger, a Birmingham-based international pet equipment retailer, started The Urban Hog Project five years ago to help feed the nation’s stray animals and humanely handle them. Each spay/neuter surgery costs the company $300 to $400 and 90 percent of the money from The Urban Hog Project goes back into funding spay/neuter programs around the country. Today, Berger’s top 10 animal rescue organizations include Animal Refuge of Huntsville (pictured above), Global Spay and Neuter Foundation (GBNF) and Meatless Mondays. Each organization deals with different types of animals, including feral dogs, cats, livestock and even pigs.

    key points

    Teaching owners to read information about the care of the animal will ensure its health and well-being. As with any dog or cat, cats should not be left unattended with food or water. People can choose to end their pet’s suffering. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help if you have questions about pet ownership, the laws or you’ve been a victim of animal cruelty. “They can take it from us,” Madigan said.

    The top 10 animal organizations to support

    1. Ducks Unlimited Canada ( 2. Paws for a Cause ( 3. MilliCare Animal Hospital ( 4. SPCA of Saskatchewan ( 5. Saskatchewan Humane Society ( 6. Saskatoon SPCA ( 7. Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation ( 8. Pawsitive Match ( 9. Companion Animal Foundation ( 10. Share a Pet ( THE FINEST HUNTERS The greatest fishing site on Earth is in the Canadian Rockies. It’s true. I ventured west to the watery realm known as the Banff National Park and found the world’s most magical place.


    Speaking as a human, one might look at Henrik’s life and wonder if it was worth it. Some days, when he’s hungry or feeling like he’s being treated like an unwanted pet, he wonders the same thing. But when he looks back at the alternatives he made, those he continually makes even after retirement, his answer to himself would be, “Yes. That’s all I can do.

    Animal Rescue: What It Is and Why You Should Get Involved (

    Animal rescue group – Wikipedia

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