Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
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    New Food App Allows Diners to Make Decisions By Exploring Visual Menus At Local Restaurants

    “We have created a network that could assist domesticate first-rate eating experiences,” stated Kenrick Brown, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LooksYummy. “LooksYummy is a gap utility to show meals from diverse eating places. From a consumer standpoint, meals is an art. People consume with their eyes, then taste. From a commercial enterprise standpoint, LooksYummy lets in eating places to offer visible photos of food on their menu at their restaurant, and now customers can see earlier than they order and get properly visuals of what the real meal is.”

    food blogger
    Food Blogger. Woman shooting food in kitchen

    While food access improves in some parts of OKC, other areas still struggle with food deserts

    Pedro Rosales, 21, and his spouse Leslie stay approximately four miles from the coronary heart of downtown Oklahoma City. The couple offer for his or her 1-year-antique Joel with the aid of using running in heating and air, and at a nearby car restore shop.

    Despite struggles, Rosales stated he and his own circle of relatives have it simpler than a few at once round them, specifically in relation to getting access to sparkling food.

    a sign on the side of a building: Carniceria La Hacienda on SW 29 is a successful grocery store serving its community in south Oklahoma City. However, many parts of the city are struggling with food access, affecting nearly 51,000 people.

    “There’s humans that stay round my community that don’t have vehicles, and from time to time the ones humans, after they should visit the store, they should motormotorcycle round,” Rosales stated. “You realize the motorcycles they make with the little rack withinside the lower back for kids? They could simply percent that up with groceries rather than a kid.”

    © CHRIS LANDSBERGER/THE OKLAHOMAN Carniceria La Hacienda on SW 29 is a a success grocery shop serving its network in south Oklahoma City. However, many elements of the metropolis are suffering with meals get entry to, affecting almost 51,000 people.
    The closest grocery shop is Urban Agrarian, simply below 2 miles away. Farmers Public Market is ready the equal distance, and gives clean produce, however is best open on Saturdays.

    Rosales stated he could save extra often at shops like those if costs have been extra affordable.

    “It’s now no longer that I don’t assume ingesting natural meals is important, however the ones markets are simply too expensive,” Rosales stated. “I want I had that form of money, however we’re on a budget.”

    The nearest Walmart shops to the Rosales domestic are each approximately four miles south. Many kitchen staples may be sold from Walmart at decrease costs than on the closer clean markets.

    A dozen eggs value almost $1.50 at Walmart, for example, however at Urban Agrarian it would be $6. A half-loaf of bread may want to run as a good deal as $6.ninety five at Urban Agrarian, whilst a complete loaf may be located on Walmart cabinets for $2.50.

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    Urban Agrarian’s natural milk costs are similar to Walmart, however Walmart has traditional, non-natural alternatives for less, whilst Urban Agrarian does now no longer.

    Affordability isn’t the best hassle that persists for the Southside clean markets. Accessibility is, too.

    “Our shop in OKC is positioned withinside the center of a meals desert,” stated Chelsey Simpson, co-proprietor of Urban Agrarian. “That essentially approach that any individual residing close by possibly doesn’t have clean get entry to to stroll or use a bus to get to a grocery shop.”

    diagram: The Food Access Research Atlas shows up-to-date information on fresh food access and availability in census tracts throughout Oklahoma City. These low income areas have high poverty rates, low median household incomes or both.

    © The Oklahoman The Food Access Research Atlas suggests up to date statistics on clean meals get entry to and availability in census tracts at some stage in Oklahoma City. These low earnings regions have excessive poverty fees, low median family earning or both.
    Census tract information from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Access Research Atlas suggests sprawling regions exact as meals deserts throughout the metro location. Some of the emptiest stretch from downtown Oklahoma City closer to Will Rogers Airport alongside Interstate 240, in which the Rosales own circle of relatives lives.

    A meals wasteland is extensively described as an city or rural location with confined get entry to to clean and less costly nutritious meals like end result and vegetables. Food protection is the time period used to explain the availability, get entry to, balance and deliver of nutritious meals.

    When a meals wasteland extends right into a decrease earnings location, the results are in particular devastating. These regions are deemed low earnings via way of means of the Department of Agriculture in the event that they have excessive poverty fees or low median own circle of relatives earning.

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    Using the maximum latest information from the department’s meals wasteland map and census populace estimates, 119,000 citizens stay in meals deserts in Oklahoma County, at the same time as almost 51,000 citizens stay in “very low meals protection.”

    But the absence of grocery shops in near proximity can have an effect on even extra prosperous communities, which includes the excessive-stop residences south of the Oklahoma River. And at the same time as citizens in a few meals deserts have visible their fortunes enhance recently, others have visible their potentialities dim.

    a sign on the side of a building: A customer enters The Market at EastPoint on NE 23. The market, which opened in April, was developed after the only remaining grocery store in the community closed in 2019.

    © BRYAN TERRY/THE OKLAHOMAN A client enters The Market at EastPoint on NE 23. The market, which opened in April, become advanced after the simplest final grocery keep withinside the network closed in 2019. Food deserts “now no longer simplest reserved for the Northeast aspect”
    One of the maximum high-profile meals deserts is in Oklahoma City’s northeast aspect, that’s domestic to one of the metropolis’s maximum outstanding Black communities.

    This spring, a coalition of nonprofits, consisting of RestoreOKC, and the Homeland grocery chain partnered to convey The Market at EastPoint to NE 23.

    A new Homeland is beneathneath creation at NE 36 and N Lincoln Boulevard. Homeland CEO and President Marc Jones is positive it’ll open this fall.

    However, at the same time as the northeast a part of Oklahoma City is starting to see a number of its meals get admission to wishes met, different regions are experiencing extended meals insecurity.

    “It is a group of neighborhoods withinside the metropolis that experience like they’ve been perhaps not noted for a at the same time as, and there are meals get admission to troubles south of the river as well,” Jones said. “I assume the South aspect is worth of a few attention, too.”

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    While statistics from the Department of Agriculture indicates that meals deserts are maximum closely focused withinside the northeastern and southwestern elements of Oklahoma City, troubles of low earnings and occasional get admission to also are gift extending south alongside Interstate 35.

    “Even inside principal towns like Oklahoma City, there are regions of meals deserts that pop up occasionally right here and there, relying on a enterprise closure or the like,” stated Patrick Klein, director of grownup and own circle of relatives offerings on the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

    For example, numerous Buy For Less grocery shops in Oklahoma City have closed withinside the beyond 5 years. Some, however now no longer all, were offered to new proprietors or transformed to unique cut price shops.

    “More prosperous regions with wallet of low-profits parents can also additionally have availability there, however if it’s now no longer lower priced to them, they nevertheless don’t sincerely have get right of entry to,” stated Chris Bernard, govt director at Hunger Free Oklahoma, an advocacy employer running to deal with meals lack of confidence withinside the state.

    “And which can create a unique set of problems, due to the fact now it extra flies beneathneath the radar, however that still manner that the ones folks that sincerely do need get right of entry to are going to move some other place to shop for sparkling produce.”

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    In the ones cases, aid loss is even higher, Bernard stated, due to the fact the greenbacks are being spent outdoor the network in which the low-profits resident lives, and the instantaneously community doesn’t see the financial advantage of spent profits.

    The hassle of meals get right of entry to at some point of the metropolis affords a developing challenge, in line with T.O. Bowman, a sustainability planner for Oklahoma City who labored to elevate consciousness of the accessibility problems withinside the northeast a part of the metropolis.

    “It isn’t simplest reserved for the northeast aspect,” Bowman stated. “There are quantities of north Oklahoma City simply earlier than you get to the turnpike, and I realize the south aspect might must be handling it, too.”

    “It all speaks returned to the lowest line,” Bowman stated. “If a number of it’s miles being spent on electricity, if a number of it’s miles being spent on transportation, whether or not that be public transportation or a automobile that’s in disrepair, that eats away at your family profits quite fast. And then whatever’s left over is perhaps sufficient to get to the quick meals area and feed your own circle of relatives.”

    More paintings desires to be done

    a sign above a store: Customers exit the Carniceria La Hacienda on SW 29.

    This Baltimore blogger is preserving Maryland’s culinary history through maps

    BALTIMORE — Kara Mae Harris is devoted to preserving Maryland’s culinary history.

    The Remington resident has spent the previous couple of years logging thousands of recipes from historic cookbooks and plotting them on maps to display the region’s geographical relationship with food.

    Harris, 40, documents her culinary escapades on her blog, which also explores the history of famous Baltimore fare, including verity story of crab cakes and therefore the origins of fudge in Charm City. Since 2011, Harris has been entering Maryland-based recipes from traditional cookbooks she found on eBay and at the Enoch Pratt Free Library into a database that now boasts thousands of entries.

    In 2015, she began her blogging career to contextualize the recipes from Maryland history using old newspaper clippings, manuscripts and other research material primarily from the Pratt Library, which she frequents regularly.

    “Just flipping through some cookbooks, I found these weird Maryland recipes that I’d never heard of, and that i wanted to undertake them…,” Harris said. “I didn’t really realize that we’ve our own reasonably food culture here, so I wanted to find out more about it.”

    Harris made her first map using recipes from the “Eat, Drink & Be Merry in Maryland” cookbook first published in 1932. The book focuses on famous recipes from wealthy Marylanders and champions many historic homes, hunt clubs and hotel restaurants. Using mostly Medusa, the Maryland Historical Trust’s online database of archaeological sites, Harris located where each of the 512 featured recipes originated from and input the knowledge into the database. Her boyfriend, who works in geographic data system mapping, then used geocoding technology to show the coordinates into a scalable.

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