Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
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    Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director, Marketing, Mondelez India, said, “Cadbury Dairy Milk as a brand believes that a bitlittle bit of generosity can go an extended way and infrequently it’s the littlest things that have the largest impact. Cyber-bullying are some things which affects everyone especially today’s youngsters. but the direct impact of bullying, the apathy of the silent bystander impacts the victims in an exceedingly big way. While we were pleased to determine the impact created online through #HeartTheHate, which leveraged this insight, in 2019 we knew there was plentyof labor still left to try and do. Through the subsequent phase of the campaign, we hope to further reiterate Purple Heart as an emoticon that helps express solidarity with the bullied. This campaign leverages technology in an exceedingly smart thanks to make consumers understand how breaking their silence and standing up for the victims can make an enormous difference in their lives.”

    Cyber bullying concept word cloud background

    The second edition of the campaign roots from the insights drawn from a recent poll conducted by Cadbury Dairy Milk in partnership with Inshorts. Out of the full 1.7L participants, 42% of them said they were cyberbullied and 55% said they weren’t supported by friends when cyberbullied.

    The campaign through its digital films builds a robust case for the requirementto talk up when witnessing cyberbullying. The videos show the victims in an exceedingly vulnerable state after being subjected to bullying and also the viewer is nudged to require a stand and support the victim by clicking on a link on the video.

    On the premise of the action or inaction of the viewer, multiple sequences of instances are generated from the victims’ life. If the viewer clicks the link to post a Purple Heart for the victim, they’re shown how relieved the victim feels in real time. However, if the viewer ignores the message or skips the pre-roll ad, they’re targeted by another ad that shows the victim becoming even more affected from the bullying. This algorithm has been adapted to other social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and audio platforms like Saavn and Spotify, helping break the fourth wall and interact with viewers by making them a true time bystander to bullying.

    Neville Shah, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy India, said, “The idea causes you to see the effect of cyberbullying. Something we as silent bystanders, ignore. Because while the bullying or trolling maybe just words online, they needa swaywithin theplanet. We shouldn’t ignore it. and that we shouldn’t ask the victims to ignore it. So, a touch push, a delicate nudge, a soft reminder to ask us bystanders to square up and easily share a Purple Heart. Make the person smile. allow them to know it’s NOT just trolls out there.”

    The campaign is supported through multiple integrated marketing elements, including influencer outreach. Additionally, Cadbury Dairy Milk has also partnered with a number one cyber psychologist to guide workshops with 20 campuses within the country. The key focus of the campus engagements would be creating awareness and highlighting the assorted tools available for kids to handle bullying within the cyber space.


    Tokyo Olympics: NZOC ‘won’t Engage With Cyberbullying’ Of Laurel Hubbard

    Laurel Hubbard of recent Zealand practices prior to her Tokyo Olympic Games weighlifting debut.

    The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) is hoping to shield Laurel Hubbard from any “cyberbullying” on social media round her Olympic Games weightlifting debut.

    Hubbard will become first openly transgender woman to compete at an Olympics when she takes part within the women’s +87kg division tonight.

    The 43-year-old – who transitioned in 2013 – has the fourth highest personal best lifts total in a very field led by China’s world champion Li Wenwen.

    Hubbard has met International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and International Olympic Committee rules for athletes that transition from male to female, which include keeping total testosterone levels below a particular measurement for a minimum of 12 months.

    1 NEWS

    Hubbard, David Liti, Kanah Andrews-Nahu and Megan Signal are heading to Tokyo.

    READ MORE:* Tokyo Olympics: Reluctant trailblazer Laurel Hubbard set to let actions do the talking* Tokyo Olympics: IOC medical chief praises transgender athlete’s Laurel Hubbard’s courage* Tokyo Olympics: IOC boss Thomas Bach backs Laurel Hubbard’s inclusion* NZ weightlifter Laurel Hubbard to become first Olympic Games transgender athlete

    But her inclusion has sparked comment within the international media prior to her Olympic debut.

    Dan Mullan/Getty Images

    Laurel Hubbard competing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

    “Certainly we’ve got seen a groundswell of comment about it and lots of it’s inappropriate,” NZOC public affairs and communications director Ashley Abbott said on Saturday on The Daily Mail Australia website.

    “Our view is that we have a culture of manaaki [support] and it’s our role to support all eligible athletes on our team. In terms of social media, we cannot be engaging in any reasonably negative debate.

    “We don’t condone cyberbullying in any way.”

    The IOC plans to review the principles around transgender athletes’ participation after examining all science following the Tokyo Games.

    Abbott acknowledged there have been complex issues, but said: “We all have to remember that there isan individual behind of these technical questions.”

    “As an organisation we’d look to shield our athlete, or any athlete, from anything negative within the social media space,” she said.

    Luca Bruno/AP

    Laurel Hubbard arrives for practice in Tokyo.

    Meanwhile, a scientist based in England insists “trans women weren’ttaking up women’s sport” despite Hubbard’s ground-breaking Olympic appearance.

    Dr Joanna Harper, a scientist who may be a PhD researcher at England’s Loughborough University, wrote within the Sydney Morning Herald that Hubbard might need a physical advantage over cis-gender women, but she should be allowed to compete.

    “Trans women haven’tappropriated women’s sport within the 45 years since Renee Richards first competed within the US Open tennis tournament and won’t take over women’s sport within the next 45 years.”

    Harper, a trans woman and former athlete, said it absolutely was true that “trans women have athletic advantages over cisgender women” and would, on average, be taller, bigger and stronger than cisgender women even after gender-affirming hormone therapy.

    However, Harper said in sports like weightlifting, competitors were divided into weight classes.

    “Although trans women are bigger, on average, than cisgender women, trans women are going to bethe identical size because the women in their weight category.”

    Hannah Peters/Getty Images

    Laurel Hubbard in 2017 together with her medals from the globe championships, where she became the primary New Zealand weightlifter to realize a podium finish.

    Harper said Hubbard was the oldest lifter within the +87kg class and would compete at approximately 130kg of body mass with a best two-lift total of 285kg.

    By contrast, Li Wenwen is 150kg with a 335kg personal best.

    “Hubbard placed sixth within the 2019 world championships but has also ‘bombed out’ of two international competitions,” Harper wrote.

    “It wouldn’t be unreasonable for Hubbard to put anywhere from third on a reallyarrivederci to 14th if she again bombs out.’’

    Harper told The Daily Mail that she was “not 100 per cent convinced [that trans athletes’ advantages are mitigated] no, but i feel that, again, the Olympics are happening, and that i think that having Laurel Hubbard and other trans athletes in games isn’t markedly unfair.

    Harper wrote in her Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece that instead ofworrying “because one trans woman is competing in Tokyo”, people “should agonize that the widespread discrimination and repression experienced by trans people worldwide has limited their opportunities in many areas of life, including sports”.

    Another British-based independent researcher, former University of Cumbria senior lecturer in sport Cathy Devine, wrote an opinion piece within the Mail on Sunday stating Hubbard had qualified “fairly and squarely’’,

    But Devine wrote: “I hope the IOC makes it clear that fairness for female athletes can’t be traded off against transgender inclusion. Attempting a so-called ‘tolerable’ unfairness or ‘balance’ must be abandoned.

    “Both fairness for females and inclusion of transgender athletes must be tackled. In common with many athletes and experts, I support the answer of a female category alongside an open category which might include males, transwomen, transmen taking testoterone and non-binary athletes.

    “The new IOC Transgender guidelines must make sure the fastest, highest and strongest female athletes don’t seem to be excluded from their own Olympic competition categories.

    Cyberbullying within the Spotlight With ChoKoLAATe’s ‘Think. Then Type.’

    A Twitter Space titled ‘Think. Then Type.’ was hosted recently by ChoKoLAATe Magazine to tackle and discuss the spread of cyberbullying, especially within the Sri Lankan cyberspace.

    The speakers for this subject were Prasad Perera (@BuduMalli), Asela Waidyalankara (@aselawaid), Kalinga Athulathmudali (@kalinga), Shanuki De Alwis (@shanukidealwis), Dr. Gehan Gunatileka (@GehanDG), Paba Deshapriya (@PabaDeshapriya) and Nalaka Gunawardene (@NalakaG). The session was moderated by Kaveesha Coswatte (@notpotbrownie).

    The panel of speakers included a number ofthe simplest of the most effective when it came to knowledge on cyberspace and cyber security likewise as a way tohouse cyber bullying within the legal aspect.

    As Asela Waidyalankara said, “Schools must focus more on cyberbullying and the way to accommodate cyberbullying, the audience is getting younger and younger and these skills have to be taught.”

    The diverse and talented panel ensured a productive discussion.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic the planet saw a risewithin the usage of digital media and social media, resulting ina rise in cyber-bullying. Cyberbullying includes blackmail, exclusion, doxing, trickery, masquerading, cyber stalking, fraping, trolling and flaming.

    ChoKoLAATe Magazine works on battling cyber bullying because it believes the web should be safe to use for everybody, which is why it’s initiated a series of Twitter Spaces which will discuss various topics like cyber bullying, harassment and other pressing topics via its Twitter account @ChokolaateM.

    Cyberbullying – Wikipedia

    What Is Cyberbullying |

    cyber bullying

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