Mon. Nov 29th, 2021


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    Casino Royale

    This is where James Bond originated, and it involved brutal violence, gorgeous ladies, and high stakes poker. This is about the M16 agent, James Bond, who just gained his 00 status and the license to kill, and his mission to Montenegro. He had to be in a high stakes poker game that is hosted by the cash starved terrorist banker named Le Chiffre. His mission is to defeat him and get him to accept asylum in the UK. To achieve this, he went in the company of a treasury agent named Vesper Lynd. 

    Now, while the epic Texas Hold’em tournament was on between the terrorist and 007, the pot grew to 115,000,000, and the CIA’s Felix Leiter came to the aid of the agent.

    This is an adaptation of the first Bond novel from Fleming, with the same name as the movie.  There were 53 years between the book and the movie, and the movie still maintained loyalty to the book’s original story. The only changes here are that baccarat was replaced with the more fashionable Texas Hold’em poker. However, every other thing was there, even the torture scene.

    The movie comes with very intense gambling scenes, to the extent that the game’s desperation could be spotted by even people that are not experts in poker. In the battle between Bond and Le Chiffre, every cosmetic was dropped and they went all square. The movies that came before revealed how 007 applied tricks to beat his opponent. But this one took the battle to the last card.

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